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25 MORE of the Best Blog Posts by Patrick Rothfuss

25 MORE of the Best Blog Posts by Patrick Rothfuss

Two months ago I shared what I thought were Patrick Rothfuss’ top 25 blog posts, so click here for PART 1. But that meant leaving a lot of really great ones on the cutting room floor! There were interviews and funny stories, important milestones and comparing babies to fruits that were left out, and I really couldn’t bear to do that. Also, reading all eleven years of his archives was a lot of work and I’d like to squeeze some more juice out of it. So, without further ado, here are 25 more (plus some change) of Pat’s best.

Who Does Pat Get All Geeky About?
26) Books and Interview with Nnedi Okorafor: Pat interviews his friend and fellow Writers of the Future author, Nnedi way back in 2009. And here he blurbs one of her books, Who Fears Death.
27) Terry Pratchett: Pat gets a book signed by Terry Pratchett. He also shares some reflections after Pratchett passed away here.
28) Interview with Terry Brooks: An awesomely long interview with Pat and the legendary Terry Brooks that spans four posts and two blogs. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
29) Interview with Mary Robinette Kowal: Pat and Mary discuss the definition of Regency, and when presented with the options of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, she correctly chooses Nathan Fillion.
30) How to Embarrass Yourself in Front of Famous People: Pat meets Amber Benson and is silly. Also, Pat meets Felicia Day, proving that he, like the rest of us, completely loses his crap when he meets his heroes. 
Bonus: Pat does his best Prince Vultan impression for Neil Gaiman.

Why Do Pat’s Fans Love Him So Much?
31) Twitter, A Beautiful Game: Pat goes from luddite to the internet’s favorite troll with six sock puppet accounts.
32) Beautiful Games: Pat unleashes Tak upon the world and it is beautiful.
33) Closure: Pat keeps a promise and makes a teenage fan feel really special.
34) And Beside Her Came Andan: Not only are the books good enough to name your children after them, but Pat is cool enough to give Bast and Auri and Elodin and Kvothe a shoutout.
35) The Photo Contests: So many cute babies and cool cosplay, and so many people who like to read nekkid! (Make sure to click on “older posts” at the bottom of the search results so you don’t miss the glorious days of 2008)

What are Some Fun Milestones Pat’s Hit Along the Way?
36) First Editions, a Conversation, and Another Interview: How to tell if you’ve got a first edition of NotW.
37) New York Times Best Seller List: Pat makes “the list.” And does it again in 2011 — as #1.
38) Foreign Edition: Out of all the foreign editions, it’s the Japanese covers that have proved the most memorable, both the campy originals and the gorgeous new ones.
39) Unhappy Announcement: Not all milestones are happy ones, and that’s okay. Books (especially really good books) can take a long time, and that’s okay too.
40) Thirty Years of D&D: Pat has arrived.

Is There More about Pat’s Adventures in Fatherhood?
41) Modest Proposal: Pat discovers the weird world of comparing babies to fruits.
42) What All the Fuss is About: Oot is born.
43) Using Your Words: Cutie Snoo speaks with the power to ignite a man’s soul and melt his heart.
44) The Opposite of Father’s Day: Pat misses Oot and writes him a letter.
45) The Warning on the Door: Oot loves his dad. Fiercely and with strong language.

Any Other Random Posts Everyone Should Read?
46) My Brain: See Pat’s brain.
47) On Hollywood, Narnia, and the Nature of Stories: Pat did not enjoy watching Prince Caspian.
48) My Sweet: Pat writes a letter to his true love, a very special woman.
49) Ice Bucket Challenge: There was a time when everyone was doing this. But Pat does not like to do things the same way everyone is doing them. He likes to go a little crazy.
50) On Not Being a Winner: Pat has no plaque to use as a projectile in the eventuality of a zombie attack.

And that’s a wrap. Those are my notes. I guess the only question left to ask Pat is, “What’s your book about?

Later Space Cowboys,

25 Best Blog Posts by Patrick Rothfuss

25 Best Blog Posts by Patrick Rothfuss

A while ago I mentioned that Patrick Rothfuss has, in my opinion, the best author blog on the internet. Although, like his books, his blog is a bit of a behemoth. Where to start a book is simple–at the beginning (unless you’re one of those monsters who reads the last chapter first). Where to start a blog with eleven years’ worth of posts written by a famously (infamously?) verbose author is another matter. That said, the effort is well worth it. And since there’s nothing I love more than subjecting people to my obsessively organized passions, I’ve curated a list for your convenience.

Who is Pat?
1) A Guy Game: everything you need to know about Pat. And life in general.
2) Following Diogenes: an unironically fascinating story about a man putting on his socks.
3) Pat Rothfuss Escort Service: Pat briefly becomes mother to a flock of baby ducks.
4) Circadian Spring: “that local fantasy author” gets a little extra fantasy author-y.
5) Concerning Love: what back rubs, roses, and Pedialite have in common.

What’s writing like for Pat?
6) Is It Drafty in Here?: behold, two beautiful babies.
7) The Perils of Translation: perils also here, here, and here. Perils everywhere.
8) Fanmail Q&A: Revision: how Pat spends his Friday nights.
9) Everyone Hates their Jobs Sometimes: the world’s worst librarian.
10) Why I Love My Editor: Betsy Wollheim saves Pat’s career.

What’s Being a Famous Author Like?
11) Losing my anonymity: is there anything more charming than seeing someone genuinely struggle with becoming more and more and more famous?
12) Hollywood News: in which Pat is the prettiest girl at the party.
13) The Way of Kings: Brandon Sanderson is starting to piss Pat off (in a rom-com kinda way).
14) My First Signing: To Hell.
15) The Wise Man’s Blurbs: love letters from fans.

What’s Worldbuilders?
16) Reaping the Whirlwind: watch Pat’s charity grow year after year.
17) Bilboing it Up: that time Pat convinced an entire fanbase to take off their shoes.
18) Making Change with my Boy: the story of a little boy who just wants to buy a cow.
19) A Familiar Book: the book that keeps coming back–year, after year, after year, after year.
20) Terrifying Favors: in which Pat forges a ring of power.

What About the Things that are Hard to Write About?
21) A Story about My Mom, Haiti, and Irresistible Math.
22) The Things My Dad has Said.
23) Saint Patrick’s Day: because we could all use some shamrock cookies sometimes.
24) Not Your Usual Mother’s Day Post: not an easy day.
25) The Things that Children Know: lessons learned from The Velveteen Rabbit

Bonus: What Books (other than his own) Does Pat Recommend?
These and these.

I should mention–after all of this–this caveat: that the persona created by all of Pat’s writing, whether it be in book or blog, is a mere shadow of himself. It’s what he refers to as My Fictional Nature, and his thoughts on it are worth noting. All I can say is, if this is the shadow, I would love to meet the person.

Click here for Part 2: 25 MORE of the Best Blog Posts by Pat Rothfuss

Later Space Cowboys…


Kyle Cassidy [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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